Grand Rapids MI, ArtPrize 2011 is COMING SOON!

The time for ArtPrize is almost here and so many from our Grand Rapids MI area City of Grand Rapids are excitedly anticipating the chance to be able to spend some time meandering around our beautiful city, taking in exceptional diverse works of art from so many, many talented and creative artists! 

This is already our 3rd year for ArtPrize and the very first year it was held my most favorite thing about it was that it was not only held in the main center of the city but is very much spread out all over. This way everyone has a chance to get a true sense of our diverse community, see how much we really have to offer and even come across places you may never have known of if it hadn’t been for ArtPrize literally taking you there.

Yes Here it is!!

Visitors to this event will find Art Work displayed veritably all over our city in locations that sometimes may seem just a bit crazy ….out on the sidewalks, in parks, on the outside of walls of some of the cities buildings, in the museums, at businesses, on lawns, on top of bridges, in warehouses and even in the Grand River! It is truly incredible and even amazing be part of and see. 

Please come and experience for yourself a Grand Rapids adventure that you, family and friends are sure to enjoy….it’s truly FANTASTIC!! 

Our ArtPrize Event is due to begin Sept 21,2001 and will run through Oct 9, 2011.

ArtPrize hours are:

Opening Day, September 21, 2011, 6 PM-10 PM
Monday-Thursday 5 PM-8 PM 
Friday & Saturday Noon-10 PM 
Sunday Noon-6 PM

Looking for more information about ArtPrize? Please feel free to visit the below link: 


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