Did you know that when you make a call on a listing and call the phone number of the Agent on the sign or flier…that that agent is under a legal contractual agreement with the Seller?  The Sellers Agent is legally bound to work for the Seller and the Sellers best interest.

Why should you work with a Buyers Agent?  Because the Buyer Agent is working for you and your best interest!  Their fiduciary responsibility is to you the Buyer.  Working with a Buyers Agent also is no cost to you as their commission comes from the Sellers side and is paid by the Seller.

A Buyers Agent will work solely for you and they have no responsibilities in regards to the Seller.  When you work with a Buyers Agent you will receive personal representation.  They will assist you through the entire home purchasing process, from helping you find a Lender all the way through to the closing table.

A Buyers Agent can show you any home that is listed on the Realtor’s ® Multiple Listing Service (MLS), they can show you For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties, HUD Homes and REO or Foreclosed Homes.  A Buyers Agent is not bound to only show their own listings….they can show ALL listings.

The Buyers Agent will work with you as your personal ally, providing you informative and helpful information about buying a home.  They will be able to disclose specifics about the prior history of the home, provide information on current property values, assist you in determining a price to offer, negotiate the sale and will work to bring you to the closing table with as little stress as possible.

If you are a Buyer in need of assistance with the home purchasing process or maybe just have some questions as you get started looking for a home, Please feel free to give me a call…I’m always happy to help!