Your Very First Step….Should Be Getting Pre-Approved!

Getting Pre-Approved by a reputable Lender should be the very first thing all Buyers do before they begin to look for a new home.

It’s so exciting to decide you are ready to get out and look and if you take the right steps in the right order, you can get through the process with much less stress and hopefully with no big disappointments.

Don’t start off the home purchasing process backwards and find yourself to be one of the disappointed only because you found your dream home, then learned from your Lender it was either outside of your price point or….that you have some things on your credit report that need to be taken care of first.

Finding a good and reputable Lender is important.  Realtors in general are more than likely to have 3-5 lenders that they work with which have a proven history of taking excellent care of their Buyers.  If you’re in need of a referral for a good and reputable Lender just let me know, I’m happy to assist you in taking that very important first step in buying a home!

Getting pre-approved doesn’t cost you anything (It’s FREE) and Lender programs may vary from one to another so don’t hesitate to meet with more than one, to get a better idea of what’s currently available.

Be sure to choose a Lender who you feel you have made a good connection with, who answers all your questions in a way you understand and who responds to your calls and/or emails in a timely manner.

Your Lender will then determine what you qualify for.  They will do this by taking into consideration your income, debt and credit score and you can decide together the program and price point that falls most easily into your comfort zone.

Now that your Pre-Approved you know exactly the price point you should be looking in, there is comfort and knowledge knowing you are looking at homes that can be yours… especially when you find that home that is meant to be yours!

Your Lender will provide you with a Pre-Approval letter that will be included in any offers you decide to make.  This letter let’s the Seller know you are a strong and serious Buyer who is ready and able to purchase their home!

Now that you have your Pre-Approval in hand you are ready and able to find and purchase your home!    ENJOY!!