Preferred Buyer Auto Search

As a Home Buyer the most time consuming task you will come across is searching for your home. 

Many Buyers start looking on their own by visiting open houses, searching on line, looking in the papers and also may find homes just by driving by. They soon discover however that it can be difficult, time consuming and frustrating trying to organize the homes they like, gather the information that they have and getting answers to their questions.

The Preferred Buyer Auto Search is a great way to…

  1. Find and gather the information you are looking for.
  2. Save the Listings you prefer.
  3. Save notes on each home to help you remember what you liked or did not like.
  4. Reject Listings you do not approve.
  5. Receive New Listings (as soon as they become available) that meet your search criteria.
  6. Receive instant notification of price changes that meet your search criteria.

It is my hope that you find the Preferred Buyer Auto Search a useful tool as you begin to look for your home as it’s intended to be your own personal home search website, easy to use and at your convenience!