As you start to your preparations for moving please remember to contact your account holders, local service providers, along with friends and family regarding your moving date and change of address.

  • Notify: All accounts and credit card companies.
  • Notify: Friends and relatives.
  • Send change of address cards to the post office. You can ask your mail person or get from the post office.
  • Contact: Phone company and cell phone provider
  • Contact: Local township regarding water bill
  • Contact: Electric, gas, cable and TV

*Remember to arrange all utilities to be turned on at your new residence on a certain date. (usually the day of close) This way you can avoid any surprises or the need to wait for utilities to be turned on.

  • Contact: Local news paper
  • Contact: Lawn/Snow service provider
  • Contact: Local trash service
  • Transfer:  Bank accounts to your new address and have your checks printed with your new address. If you have a safety deposit box get your personal items out and a new safety deposit at a bank in your new area.
  • Medical Records – Physicians and Dentists.  If needed remember to have prescription filled or re-filled before you move.
  • Vet:  Don’t forget your pets paperwork.
  • School Records:  Transfer records from your current school to your child’s new school. Be sure you have birth certificate and any legal papers required.
  • If moving a good distance remember to have your automobile(s) serviced before you hit the road.
  • Moving Company:  Verify moving information with mover confirming date of move along with the size of load and associated charge.
  • Update drivers licence at local Secretary of State Office

Now have fun moving in and enjoy making your new home your OWN!