Buyers have you decided what you REALLY need in your new home?  

Looking for a new home presents many challenges for our home Buyers and requires much thought, time and even patience.  It is important for you to know before you begin to look at homes what the things are that truly matter most to you.

Do yourself a big favor and make a checklist of things that are the most important so your time will be used wisely looking only at homes that meet and fit your needs.

Everyone has their MUST HAVES. These will be the things that are true deal breakers for you…if you don’t have at least 3 bedrooms this home is not for you.  If it is on a busy street…this home is not for you or maybe the home is out of your price range.  Make your decision on your MUST HAVES for your new home and stick to them!

Now make a list of WANTS. These are the things that you would really like to have but don’t absolutely need.  These could be such things as maybe a main level laundry, possibly a fireplace in the living room or a really large yard.  These are the things that you may like, but could give up, if you happen to find a home that fills all the requirements of your MUST HAVE list.

Once you’ve put together your list please be sure to share this with your Realtor ® as this will greatly assist them in preparing a list of homes for you to view that meet your selected criteria.

Happy Home Hunting!

Let me help you find your dream home. Feel free to call or email me for I would enjoy helping you get started with your new homes “MUST HAVE” list.