Buying a home is a HUGE investment and you should do what you can to be sure it’s a good one!Hire a qualified and certified HOME INSPECTOR to inspect the home.  You can easily find Home Inspectors by asking your Realtor ® for  recommendations, inquire from family and friends or even look on your own on-line or by the area directory.

Schedule your appointment on a day and time that you can attend.  This is your time to learn about the home.  Your Inspector will be happy to answer any questions you may have and also provide a full and complete report of his findings.

A Home inspector is primarily concerned with health and safety issues and in finding things that may incur a big expense to be repaired or replaced.  It is his responsibility to report everything he finds. Understand when you look over the report, that on the potentially very long list, many of the items will not be serious.  There is no home that is perfect, not even new homes.

Hiring a Home Inspector could potentially keep you from making a very big mistake in choosing your home.  I will always strongly recommend a home Inspection for it is protection to my clients. A Home inspection will usually cost around $250-$350, do you really want to risk potentially buying a home with hidden issues, only to save a few hundred dollars? It could very well end up costing you much more if you do!

Not only does a home inspection provide you with information regarding the condition of your home…it will also provide you PEACE OF MIND.