Is Staging our Home really that Important?

Is a question I get asked quite often by homeowners who are considering placing their home on the market.  Before our market became a Buyer’s Market Seller’s could put their home for sale and it would sell with very little effort as long as it was relatively clean and in acceptable condition, they were sitting pretty.

In today’s market however we now have such a vast selection of available homes for our Buyers to choose from, would it not be to your best advantage to give your home a little touch extra?  The time and effort you put in will be well spent and give your home a greater opportunity to make that all important LASTING FIRST IMPRESSION!

Every showing you have, is with Buyers who most likely have chosen your home, as it already has met their basic requirements!  How will your home now “show” compared to all the other similar homes on the market?  Will it be able to make a LASTING FIRST IMPRESSION…as is?  You only have a few seconds to create an impact, which is exactly why staging can be so beneficial.

It very often is difficult for homeowners to let go and feel at ease with removing items which hold great personal value or memories for them but what we really need to be considering is, how will future buyers see your home?  What are the “memories” that they will be taking away with them?  That this home is absolutely FANTASTIC or that it was a home they could never “see” themselves in?

Staging a home does not have to be intimidating but it may require a bit of effort and hard work.  Staging your home also does not necessarily need to incur a large expense.  Remember…it will be you who ultimately determines how much effort and money you are willing to expend here.

If you are considering selling your home, are looking to get the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE in this market and want your home to make that LASTING FIRST IMPRESSION over the vast selection of similar homes….Staging your home is something that should strongly be considered.

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