Each of us has a story a journey even, about what it is that brought us to this particular place in time.

As for me…and how I chose to become a Realtor, it was a very easy decision for me. Getting into Real Estate had always seemed like such an irresistible idea!

It was much more a matter of good timing that I found to be my main issue, as I was a stay at home mom for 14 yrs before I entered back into the business world. At the time I needed flexibility and close proximity to home for I had young children in school and they quite naturally were my highest priority.

So I re-entered the ranks of the business world in the automotive quality industry and quite quickly rose to the position of Customer Service Manager. This was now when I look back in time, the position that was actually grooming and preparing me for my dream career as a Realtor.

The many opportunities that were presented to me, to work with so many diverse and interesting people was marvelous and very easily the most enjoyable part of my occupation. Learning from my customers how I/we could best help them, then planning and setting the best course of action to reach each individual objective was the main purpose of my position there.

I found I excelled here and this very easily transferred over into my Real Estate Career. I discovered meeting with and assisting people to reach their dream of home ownership or being able to help them with the desire to sell their home was thoroughly gratifying, with each opportunity challenging and each transaction totally different. Working together with others to achieve a common goal and then reaching it….it’s positively priceless!

Everyone has a story…what it is that has brought you to this to a place in time where you are looking to Buy or Sell a home? I would very much enjoy hearing your story and learning from you what I could do to make your personal vision in Real Estate a reality!