When deciding whether or not now is the time to sell your home, the best way to confirm this is a sound decision is to get a True Market Value for your home.  As a Realtor ® who specializes in Residential Real Estate I will always provide you with an open and honest opinion of your homes CURRENT True Market Value for their is no information more vital to your homes successful sale.  Price too high and your home will languish, price too low and you miss the opportunity to get your homes best possible price.

I understand that everyone has a story and their own reason for selling.  For some it may be the need to relocate and for others maybe they have found it time to downsize or move into a larger home.  Whatever the reason,  I would enjoy the opportunity to be your partner and working together with you in the SALE of your home.

What service can you expect to get your home SOLD?

  • Assistance to you in determining a competitive listing price to get your home SOLD at the highest possible price.
  • Help in preparing your home for sale (inside and out) to increase marketing appeal.  Let’s work together in preparing your home for successful showings and ensuring a great first impression to ALL potential Buyers.
  • A picture “speaks a 1000 words” and every listing will always contain multiple pictures that promote your homes best features.  ALWAYS!!
  • Marketing your home aggressively on the Internet and generating a very strong presence is imperative for this is where the vast majority of Buyers will find you.
  • Marketing your home to other Realtor’s and their prospective Buyers by coordinating opportunities for them to view your home by personal showings and open houses.
  • Keeping you up to date on all activity your homes listing generates and working together in determining the best way(s) to maintain a high level of interest in your home to get it sold.
  • Providing you follow-up contact from Agents and prospective Buyers to keep you updated and informed of your homes strengths and potential weaknesses that have been be brought forward.
  • Negotiate for you and your best interest to receive the highest possible price and the best possible terms obtainable.
  • Coordinate the sale by working together with YOU, the Buyers Agent, Title Company and Lender as required, while preparing all essential paperwork.
  • Bring you to a successful and happy close!

Listing a home is easy…the hard work comes with Selling your home and that is always my goal for each and every listing!