Look What’s Happening in Georgetown Township (Jenison, MI)!

It’s finally happening!  After experiencing years of businesses, restaurants and store fronts leaving our area primarily to relocate closer to Rivertown Mall we are now beginning to see a new resurgence in business coming back into our community.

After a recent, strong public opposition that caused a new, planned Georgetown Township complex to be cancelled  8.1 Million Georgetown Township Complex Scrapped  the Georgetown Township Board is moving forward and now requesting from its community both their ideas and input in the development of 200 Baldwin St.. They would also like to hear the people’s opinion on more long term plans currently being directed towards the senior center and library.  Baldwin St. Development Ideas Sought

at home store in Jenison, MI

at home store in Jenison, MI

The first bit of good news came for me when I heard the empty Target Building would be the new location of an at home store.  New At Home Store in Jenison  This is the first of it’s kind in our area, carrying a great assortment of merchandise from home interior and outdoor items, garden and patio elements along with houseware items and much, much more.  If you haven’t already shopped there it should be a must on your Spring “To Do” list!

Another great piece of information came when I learned from the Georgetown Township facebook page that the long empty Perkins Restaurant has been sold and will be the new location for a Sophia’s House of Pancakes …there is no opening date as of yet but I’m sure our residents will be ready for a new place to relax and enjoy pancakes, waffles and a hot cup of coffee or two!

We are also lucky to have the addition of a new fitness studio called Get Empowered Fitness located at 666 Baldwin St. Jenision.  Please check out what they have to offer you here at Get Empowered Fitness Studio.  Another welcome addition to our community!

And finally, again from the townships facebook page….”Georgetown Charter Township has recently reached an agreement to purchase a home located at 111 Baldwin St. This property is to be part of the townships plan to create access for our residents to the Grand River for kayaking, boating and also a bicycle trail. I am incredibly happy to hear of this as I love the idea of our community finally getting an area of access to the Grand River and be able to enjoy a variety of water activities and a bicycle trail too!

I think it’s great that the township is now striving to keep this community informed and up to date on it’s current events, general information and topics of interest by way of facebook.  If you would like to keep “in the loop” too, please take a moment to check out and “Like” their page here… Georgetown facebook Page

Jenison, Hudsonville and Grandville MI, Real Estate Help for our Seniors.


Many seniors choose to stay in their homes which they have lived in for many, many years and are very happy and satisfied to be there. Others may find themselves thinking of a whole, new easier way of life and quite possibly just a smaller place to live.  Then some, they will live in their family home for years while planning to move towards assisted living when their needs require it.

Determining whether or not it is time for a change is often a very difficult decision for our seniors to make and many families find it incredibly challenging to even broach this subject with them.  Discussing thoroughly and determining the lifestyle and/or living needs of our senior family members is extremely important and oftentimes very stressful.

There are many factors for seniors and their family to consider to assist in determining if now is the time to make a move and exactly what that move should entail.  Our “first generation” retirees may be looking to downsize to a smaller home to be able to take advantage of their golden years…less maintainence, work and upkeep will allow them more free time to enjoy their favorite pastimes.  For our “second generation retirees” the driving force may very well be the need for more support and care services.

Here are a few things you should take into consideration while making this very important decision.

IS YOUR HOME TOO BIG?  Do you feel like to are just rattling around a big ole’ house feeling overwhelmed by it’s upkeep and maintenance?  Too much work, too many expenses and simply too much house for you to care for?

IS YOUR HOME FINANCIALLY AFFORDABLE?  Are you having a hard time maintaining your home financially?  Have the typical expenses such as taxes, utilities, lawn care etc….become a financial burden? Has retirement involved a reduction in your income and would a smaller-lower priced home or even a condo offer you more financial freedom and flexibility?

ARE YOU READY FOR A LIFESTYLE CHANGE?  If you are looking to spend the winter in warmer climates, just want to be closer to family, friends or have the ability to travel at your leisure, a “turn key” home may be a very good fit for you.  Something smaller, financially affordable, requiring little to no maintenance and allowing you the financial freedom to travel and come, go, do as you please.

DO YOU WANT TO BE CLOSER TO YOUR FAMILY?  Do you find yourself longing to be closer to your children and grandchildren or other close family members?  Not only would this allow you to enjoy more fun family times (that you may have otherwise missed), you will also have family close by in case an unexpected need should arise.

DO YOU HAVE PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS IN YOUR HOME – IS IT SAFE?  Has your home become unsafe for you?  Does your home have too many levels or stairs?  Are you in need of handicap accessibility such as wider doorways, a step in shower, safety hand bars etc…?  There is truly nothing more important than your safety and well being.

Planning ahead and receiving knowledgeable, financial advice by an expert is vital to your successful move.  Please be sure to connect with a good financial adviser and/or accountant early on, to help assess your needs and set a sound financial plan for your future.

I thoroughly enjoy working with our seniors!  Always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  We can work together in setting a plan in motion to make your move as stress free as possible while meeting your current desires or needs.