Condo Living in Jenison MI!

Stoney Creek Condo's

Jenison Area Condo's

If condo living is something you are now considering the Jenison, MI area is teeming with a host of possibilities for you!

Condos are no longer considered to be just for seniors looking to downsize, eliminating the need for upkeep and maintenance.  It is also now a way of living that many of our First Time Home Buyers are taking advantage of as they find themselves too busy and not wanting all the added responsibility owning a home entails.

What will help you determine which condo association is to be the best fit for you will depend not only on price range and location but also on what you require from the association.  For example…..

-Are you looking for something fresh and new or would an older condo in need of a little work and polish be of more interest?

-Do you have a pet you want to bring along?  If so, you need to be sure the condo association you are considering will allow pets, for many do not.

-Is having a attached garage important?  Depending on the association this may or may not be available.

-What is the cost of the monthly association fee and what does this include?  Every association is different as to what this fee is and what it will cover.

-What are the Association By-Laws?  Be sure to look these over carefully and
get any questions you may have answered to ensure you find the association rules and guidelines acceptable.

In regards to the pricing of condos in Jenison you will find they can begin as low as the $40,000 +/- price range and go all the way up into the $300,000+ figures.(Prices and availability of course are always subject to change)

To assist you in your search for Jenison Area Condos please refer to the below list for a number of Condo Associations located here.  Please Note: Condos are randomly listed in no particular order.

Allen Springs            Georgetown West              New Amsterdam Village

Boulder Bluff             Stoney Creek                     Wallinwood

Glen Eagle                Park Side                           Pine Brook

Cedar Grove             Glen Eagle Moors              Ridgeview

Water Front              Cottonwood Forest

Grand Village            Pine Grove

Fairway Estates       Green Meadows

*If you have any questions at all regarding condos in our area please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you.